CD-cards workshop

Take an (old) CD. Put in on a thick part of cardboard with the printed site above. Put a metal ruler across the middle and make a groove with a knife.
When you turn the CD upside down you can see the groove that is made on the other site.
Put your ruler on the line that you can see. Make a deep groove by going several times with your knife over the same line. Mostly you have to do this more than 20 times.
You can only break the last part, otherwise you can get fragments.
Be very careful and don't do this close to your face.
To take care that the pictures will stick better on the CD it is recommended to degrease the CD.
Stick small parts of tape that sticks at both sites at the back of the CD.
Remove the protective layers.
Stick the CD on a solid card.
Search for a matching picture (e.g. something with music or computers)
Put dots of 3D-glue or siliconeglue at the backsite of the picture.
Place the picture above the hole of the CD. Let the glue dry before you proceed.
To cover the bottom of the CD in a beautiful way you can use for instance some moss. Apply a thick rim of siliconeglue.
Press small parts of moss in the glue.
Decorate the card further with for instance some small figures.