-CreaEasy templates
-Soft chalks, e.g. Decorating Chalks
-Sticks with spongue tip
-White cards.
Select an example from the with the template included sheet. In this drawing there are all kinds of sections marked with numbers.
Search a selected section on the template and put it on the card. In this case we selected nr.4, see the three positions of the fingers on the photos.
Use the "Spongue-sticks" to transfer chalk to the card. The trick is to start with the stick on the template and then move into the section. In this way the edges will have more color than the inside and so generate nice shadow effects.
Use multiple colours with clean "spongue-sticks".
If this section is finished then find the next number to do. Align the template to the already finished section and start colouring.
Do all the numbers in this way.
Finish the card in the way you want. You can use the corresponding CreaEasy sheets.

Instead of chalk you can also use stamping ink.

There is one template with abstact figures that can be nicely combined with the others.